Next up in our presenter profiles for our July 22, 2019  Manufacturers Summer Institute at AMRoC Fab Lab: Jeff Kondel of ROOTS Engineering Services.  Our speakers and presenters hail from diverse backgrounds and represent extensive fields of expertise, and Mr. Kondel is no exception.

Mr. Kondel has over 20 years of experience between the Automotive, Medical Device and Food Industries, and assists manufacturers in achieving their goals to build efficient, data driven manufacturing operations. To serve the specific needs of Academia, ROOTS Engineering has created a product and curriculum to advance industrial skills in manufacturing using automation, with the goal of bridging the gap between local industry and the competencies of our future workforce.  ROOTS Engineering works to bridge that gap by placing collaborative robots and training into academia, from middle school to advanced technical programs which help filter and prepare students for their future interests.

We asked him to tell us a bit more about the challenges he sees in the manufacturing community and what he’ll be sharing during the professional development day.

“Throughout the Sarasota-Bradenton area, I see many companies not taking advantage of tasks that fall into the 3-D categories (dull, dirty, dangerous) and with collaborative robots giving more flexible options, we can stay competitive and be more attractive for new companies coming into our economy.  “

The message he’s sharing is that “small and medium size manufactures should be aware that in-sourcing is very possible with automation and when you can in-source successfully, significant costs can be reduced and talent can flourish. Within the academia side of the business, my message to the Tampa area is that our talent pool is expanding rapidly and those future employees will be more prepared and looking for the those companies interested new ideas and automation concepts.”

Register by July 17, 2019 to hear Mr. Kondel and our other great presenters at the  Manufacturers Summer Institute at AMRoC Fab Lab  July 22, 2019. You can see the full day’s agenda here .  The event includes lunch, sponsored by Adams , with ample opportunities for discussion and networking.

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