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Diverse, yet connected, all FCDI programs are geared toward supporting our overall mission of aiding and inspiring academic achievement, economic development and the spirit of innovation. 

The Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics Center (AMRoC) Fab Lab,  located at 2149 University Square Mall,  is a public Fab Lab founded and run by FCDI.  It is dedicated to building capacity in the University Area community, empowering individuals through creative self-expression and bridging the manufacturing and industry talent gap through robust project-based engineering education and training. 

At AMRoC, people of all ages can 

  • Explore science, technology, engineering, manufacturing and related education and career skill building opportunities
  • Have access to a workshop with wide variety of power and hand tools 
  • Learn about design, 3D printing and prototyping
  • Enjoy robotics and other experiential science, tech and arts programs
  • Access entrepreneurial support and networking resources.

Equity in Entrepreneurship!

Equity in Entrepreneurship – Equinent – aims to help bridge the race and gender equity gap in early stage entrepreneurship access in the Tampa Bay startup ecosystem.   In one year, Equinent has helped launch over 20 new businesses. Equinent is made possible through the collaborative support of local area business leaders, and funders like Truist, Truist Foundation, Florida Blue and Guidewell.



    ROBOTICON Tampa Bay is our annual STEAM Powered Sport for the Mind! 

    Designed to increase public awareness of and engagement in the power of hands-on project-based learning,  ROBOTICON is a high energy off-season competition and STEAM showcase for youth robotics teams, alumni and volunteers from around Florida, the U.S. and worldwide.  ROBOTICON provides participating students with a low stress, high-quality competition with opportunities for skill building, networking, and college and career readiness experiences.

    Helping Teams through Fiscal Sponsorship

    FCDI  helps local student teams involved in youth robotics and other inspiring programs acquire the operational funds they need to participate in their programs.

    STEAM Team Funding

    Gulf Coast MakerCon

    Exhibiting What Our Community Makes!

    Gulf Coast MakerCon is an opportunity for everyone to join together to share resources, learn a craft, hone their skills, find career and academic opportunities, try new tools and innovations, and much more.

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