ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2018 was our biggest and best event yet, drawing over 4000 people to enjoy this year’s space themed STEAM festival.  This year, FIRST Robotics Competition teams also played on a brand new field, made here locally in Tampa, as the anchor piece of for the Tampa Bay Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics Center, which we were delighted to announce at ROBOTICON, finally has a home!

AMRoC will be housed at University Mall on Fowler Avenue in Tampa, near the University of South Florida. In partnership with the Mall, Hillsborough County Libraries and other local academic and corporate partners, the space will be configured as a FabLab style facility that will be part of the  RD Management redevelopment of the Mall into a mixed-use city center.

The redesigned 100 acre Mall will become a “multi-story, urban neighborhood development showcasing life sciences and technology research institutes and complexes; retail, placemaking, and recreational opportunities and entertainment; hospitality; education; medical specialties, clinics, and pavilions; corporate offices and co-working spaces; and residential and other related uses. ”

With 7000+ sq. ft. of open store front plus another 2000 sq. ft. of storage/back space, and located near  co-work space, and other related business , academic and nonprofit facilities under development in the Mall, AMRoC has plenty of room and resources to develop robust programming for youth and adults year round.  There will also be a variety of hand, power, and floor tools, audio/visual equipment, electronics supplies and resources and more.

Aiming for a grand opening in the spring of 2019, it is our hope that this space will become a community center for  skills based education and capacity building, where people can come to earn professional certifications and develop needed workforce skills, for all ages. as well as an inclusive, accessible, enjoyable and affordable space for creative expression, fabrication and rapid prototyping, and product development.

You can read more about ROBOTICON here, and follow along here and at the AMRoC website to keep up with our progess building out the Center.