Michele, in the back row center, during a HADO training session.

Michele Mendez is a founding member of the Foundation for Community Driven Innovation and has served on the Board of Directors since 2015.  This summer, Michele transitioned to Board Chair and takes a new role in leading FCDI into a bright and exciting future as AMRoC Fab Lab continues to grow in scope and aim.

Michele, center, during an FCDI virtual board meeting, with other members of our great Board of Directors.

Michele is a strong leader with an unwavering commitment to our mission and goals.  She’s not afraid to jump in anywhere – from sharing media expertise to HADO to grant writing, and we’re confident her board leadership will bring fresh insight and ideas to FCDI.

Michele is a Vice President with Bank of America, where she has worked for over 25 years, and currently helps small businesses secure loans they need to grow and prosper.  Michele has also participated as volunteer for FIRST team activities and events for many years, and also serves as the assistant-director of “PLuGHiTz Live”, a popular webcast covering geek culture, and the worlds of gadgets, gaming, Internet and media, and a long time FCDI Program Partner.

We’re delighted to have Michele serving back to FCDI in her new role and excited about the future of the nonprofit.