We’re happy to welcome Pam Oakes to the FCDI Board of Directors.  Pam is an Automotive Standards Expert with 30 years in the industry, and a 4th generation auto tech.  We got to know Pam working with her to bring her US Auto Training programs to AMRoC Fab Lab , programs that provide new avenues of opportunity through valuable workforce skills and higher wages.

Pam is a contract automotive trainer with Delphi Technologies,. She’s author of Car Care for the Clueless and hosts a syndicated radio show by the same name, and author of the new book, Find Me Auto Help She’s also the inventor of the Gas Cap Grip.

Pam has been working to bring her ASE-G1 and full suite of automotive repair certification classes to AMRoC Fab Lab for the last year, the same program she’s provided for Goodwill Industries for several years, and a training program we hope can help more people have better futures.

Pam’s warmth, humor, compassion and energy is evident in everything she does, as is her commitment to giving back to the community in meaningful ways.  We’re grateful to Pam for her interest and support of FCDI,  and know the board will benefit from the fresh insights and experience she brings  to the Foundation for Community Driven Innovation.