For the third year in a row, FCDI will be collaborating with SOFWERX to host a Tampa Bay FIRST Robotics Competition Live Kick-off event. The 2019 season game is called “Destination: Deep Space”, and FIRST Robotics Competition teams have just six weeks to design and build a robot, weighing up to 120 lbs, to compete in the space themed challenge.

Live Kick-Off events provide a fun, exciting and cost saving way to launch the new season, with kits shipped free of cost to a single location for teams to pick up, and a camaraderie building worldwide simulcast kick off event for participating teams to enjoy together.

  • What: 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition Kick-Off
  • When: January 5, 2019 – 9am to 1pm
  • Where:  SOFWERX Underground – 1925 E 2nd Avenue, Suite 102 Tampa, FL 33605
  • Registration info:  Kick off Registration opens October 9, 2019.  Registration Info HERE.  Kit and Kick-off registration closes November 19, 2019 .
  • Kick Off Agenda: Check back in December!

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